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Italy - To Live and Act Like Christians Published 23-Feb-2016

From January to May 2016, the Pauline International Multimedia Center, Rome, is holding a series of once-a-month biblical animations guided by Fr. Romano Penna on the theme, To Live and Act Like Christians with the Gospel of Christ, based on St. Paul’s Letter to the Galatians–a true “magna carta” of Christian freedom. In fact, from the very outset of his ministry, the Apostle insisted on freedom–a word that recurs about 30 times in his Letters. But freedom for what? The answer, Paul says, is very simple: we were liberated by Christ so as to walk under the influence of the Spirit and serve one another in love.

The first meeting of the series awakened keen interest in the Apostle Paul, who was endowed with a forceful, even “warlike,” character–a trait that did not change when he chose to follow Jesus and which, indeed, he placed at the service of the Gospel.

The more than 100 people who attended Fr. Penna’s first conference were fascinated to discover this aspect of the Apostle in the first pages of his Letter to the Galatians and look forward with pleasure to deepening the spiritual and cultural experience opening before them.


Philippines - Sisters at 51st Eucharistic Congres Published 23-Feb-2016

The 51st International Eucharistic Congress on the theme: Christ in you, our hope of glory was held in Cebu City from January 24-31. There were over 15,000 delegates from 73 countries in the world. This is the second time the Philippines hosts the Eucharistic Congress. The first was in 1937.

The Congress was a good mix of catechesis, reflection, prayer and popular religious activities, the biggest of which was the Eucharistic celebration and procession where an estimated crowd of 1.5 million people walked for over 3 kilometers in a stirring display of their devotion. For many of the delegates, it was a once-in-a-lifetime experience of being Church!

The Paulines of Cebu assisted in this event by participating in the book exhibit, making available books and other materials to the delegates. The deep insights, the experience of unity and challenges posed to the participants serve as an impetus to live and give Jesus, the Bread of Life.

FSP Brazil - Commitment to Biblical Studies Published 23-Feb-2016

In its solemn closing session for 2015 and in accord with the proposal of Fabio Costantino Palacio (regional councilor), the municipality of Sao Caetano do Sud (SP) presented awards to two institutes for their commitment to diffusing the Word of God. Jardel Nascimento accepted the award in the name of the Biblical Federation of Brazil, and Sr. Maria Antonieta Bruscato in the name of the Daughters of St. Paul.

In her acceptance speech, Sr. M. Antonieta sketched out the biblical activities of the FSPs in Brazil and throughout the world. To disseminate, understand and live the message of the Bible: these three words, she said, sum up our mission.


FSP Italy - Blessed are you-Towards Krakow in 2016 Published 23-Feb-2016

In preparation for the World Youth Day in Krakow (July 26 to 31, 2016), the Youth Pastoral Vocational team of the Daughters of St. Paul in Italy offers to young people an itinerary of reflection inspired by the Beatitudes: Blessed are you. Towards Krakow in 2016 ... with the courage to be happy.

The first of the six monthly leaflets, entitled Blessed are the merciful, is online from the 25th of January 2016, with four proposed steps aimed to promote preparation and participation (also through social networks).

Among the lineup of initiatives of the PGV team for 2016 are:

     - Vocation Weekends for the youth in some Pauline communities.      - A “jubilee” pilgrimage from Castagnito to Alba (CN), in the wake of the great experience “In the footsteps of Tecla” that took place in 2015.


FSP Italy - Activities in Palermo Published 23-Feb-2016

In conjunction with the closing of the old town center (July 2015) and the transformation of Corso Vittorio to a pedestrian zone, that has caused repercussions on the "visits" to the book center, the Daughters of St. Paul in Palermo have welcomed the idea of a group of young people, who opened the "Centrifuga", the first authentic home laundry in the city. They made a proposal to the Paulines to unite in a free delivery service (in Palermo) of orders in the book center for people who cannot come to get the material directly.

The alliance, based on mutual respect and pursued with seriousness, is proving to be a winning idea: for the youth in the laundry, who ventured on an original work method, and for the Paulines, who have shown willingness in accepting another possibility of "not waiting for the people to come, but to meet them where they are ...."


FSP Canada - Theology of the Body Published 23-Feb-2016

The Pauline Books & Media in Toronto has initiated a course on the Theology of the body. The 53 enrollees gathered together to listen to the presentations on Human Love in the Divine Plan: The theology of the body by John Paul II.

The Daughters of St. Paul of the USA/English-speaking Canada printed the text, a commentary and a series of books for adults, teens and children. The participants were mainly young leaders of parishes and other communities, and many of them are in discernment on the priestly and religious vocation.


FSP Germany - Mini-Gospels in the Peripheries Published 23-Feb-2016

In response to the pressing invitation of Pope Francis to always carry the Gospel around with us and read a bit of it every day, the FSPs of Dusseldorf have published a mini-edition of the Gospel in German in collaboration with Fr. Gino Levorato, ssp.

The initiative was launched with the blessing of the Dean of the city. During this Jubilee Year, our sisters hope to distribute the Gospel free of charge in all the city’s “existential peripheries,” which greatly need the light of the Word.